Subrosa celebrates a year of GUTI by putting out ten minutes of clips that went without a home. Even with a full DVD and ten minutes of extras, there’s still no way to summarize the four or so years that those dudes had while filming GUTI, but hey, there never is… “Welcome to the GUTI “After-Party”! Released on the 1 year anniversary of the world premiere of our first full-length DVD, the Nora Cup nominated “Get Used To It”. The “After-Party” is a compilation of unseen clips, alternate angles, b-roll, and all around badass clips.Including clips from Subrosa team riders Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Scott Ditchburn, Joris Coulomb, Mark Mulville, Nick Bullen, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Greg Smee, Greg D’Amico, Boy Jannsen, and Rich Forne. Filmed by:a hell of a lot of peopleEdited by:Bobby KanodeMusic:Summer of Haze “Venustrapaphobia” Dang Dangs “Midnight come Rollin” Autopilot “Television” Valley “Bros Beyond” and “Stone” the Nora Cup nominated “Get Used To It”