Jackson Ratima and Chris Brown on Stolen

Jackson Ratima and Chris Brown are the latest riders to be added to the Stolen squad. Check out a quick edit from Jackson, Chris, and teammates Sean Morr and JJ Anderwald above–good stuff. See what Stolen had to say about adding Jackson to the team below…

We’re proud to announce Jackson Ratima has joined the Stolen US team. Jackson is a bay area transplant that’s been residing in Los Angeles for a while now and is also supported by Primo, Quintin, Lotek, and BayGame. Recently he took a spill on a wobbly kink rail and sprained his arm so he’s gonna be down for a bit. Jackson and Chris Brown, both being new additions to the team, met up at a couple local skateparks and filmed this welcome mix edit with Sean Morr, JJ Anderwald, and Paul Alfaro (product design). Be on the look out for more of these edits in the future and be sure to follow Jackson: @baygamejr (Instagram & Twitter)