Fit Bike Co. – 2017 Complete Bikes

Fit Bike Co. coming through with their new line of completes getting the jump on Interbike this year. It’s cool to see there is more to these bikes than a paint job and the promo itself is pretty rad/funny.

“They’re herrrrreeeee! So sit back and let the boys break ’em down for you. Disclaimer: our 2017 completes are too dialed to fit all the details in a one-and-half-minute promo, so make sure to dig into the specs of the ones you’re sweating! With five different geometries, LHD and RHD options, removable breaks from Level 1 up and more freecoasters, pegs and hubguards than a security guard can shake a stick at, the 2017s are more than just a pretty line… they’ve got substance.

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