Here’s Dig’s coverage of the rather epic third stop of The Street Series. Not as much riding, but definitely a good feel to this one. And it has the fish angle of Daniel Tunte’s wild decade…

“The big takeover continued in Germany when hundreds of riders hit the streets of Berlin for round 3 of The Street Series. The turnout was the biggest the series has seen yet and the riding was, as usual, off the hook. For this round a serious list of heavy hitters were in attendance including Monster Energy’s Nathan Williams, Dan Lacey, Ed Zunda and Fernando Laczko. Not to be upstaged, the German locals were out in force and Daniel Tünte stole the show with a wild double set decade at the last spot.

Director: Pete Adam
Producer: DIG
Athletes: Dan Lacey, Daniel Tunte, Alex Kennedy, Fernando Laczko, Ed Zunda, Nathan Williams 
Sports: Cycling, bmx

BMXers Shut Down Berlin for one Legendary Session | DIG at The Street Series, Ep. 3″