Skapegoat 7 Available On Terrible One Web Store

Skapegoat 7 is now available through T1’s web store and best of all, you get to help out the T1 ramp when you purchase it. Check all the details below.

Bob Scerbo adds another chapter in his ongoing series of Skapegoat videos. These are always so much fun to watch as you get a really good idea of what life is to Bob. Pretty much whatever interests him at the time, is what goes into these. #7 is a treat to say the least as we were lucky enough to have him in Austin almost all of last winter. So along with the usual barrage of street life antics, there is some great chill sessions on the T-1 ramp in here as well. Along with the DVD, you get a 24 page photo zine as well. Spend $10.00 and enjoy the purchase you have just made. Cheers !

* Bob is donating all proceeds from our online store sales towards the repair of the ramp out back. Thanks Bob !