David Harrison, previous head welder at FBM Bicycles and Spooky Cycles, hearing the voice of the people, has founded his own company: Pedal Driven Cycles. PDC is proud to announce the launch of its first frame: “Kool Thing.” Representing over 15 years of building knowledge and design, this frame is a classic looking, straight forward design with some new innovative features to spice it up.

Kool Thing’s front end is made up of double butted top and down tubes, with a single butted seat tube.  The rear of the bike is built as tough as the front with all ¾” outer diameter tubing.  Some key features include removable break mounts, a mid bottom bracket with shark fin technology, and a top tube gusset with a TCB design cut out (Taking Care of Business for those of you not familiar).

“The Kool Thing frame is the most anticipated frame since the Huffy TL-88.”

The beard of John Paul Rogers

The first 50 Kool Thing frames will hand stamped with a “kool” stainless steel down tube badge to denote the limited run. Get ‘em while they’re hot at Pedal Driven Cycles.