2011 Vans Rebeljam Final Results & Photos

Take your favorite local comp or backyard jam, mix in your favorite party or bar, and you have Vans Rebeljam. An amazing weekend of BMX just wrapped up here in Holland with tons of new tricks going down. At the end of the night winners were crowned in style, creativity, and hard tricks as Daniel Sandoval shut down the joint with a perfectly pulled 720 whip to bar. Results and photos are here, and videos are on the way…

Huge thanks to Vans and everyone else for making Rebeljam one of the most memorable contests of 2011! See you next time!

Photos by Fat.


Street Winners:

*Note: Top street qualifier Chad Kerley did not ride due to an badly bruised foot.


Flatland Winners:


Park Winners:

*Note: Daniel Sandoval’s 720 whip to bar was pulled after time was up, so it was not eligible to be scored when the judges were deciding who won the hard trick awards.