2011 Soulstyce Fest Contest Results & Photos

This past weekend an unsuspecting rodeo arena just outside of Los Angeles was host to a hip-hop music festival and BMX contest. Scores of flatland and dirt riders flocked to ride in their respective SoCal-born disciplines that X Games has been neglecting for so many years now. Here’s a quick recap of what went down along with the results, a grip of photos, and some videos too.

The BMX contests were a part of a larger event called Soulstyce Fest. It’s an annual music and art festival that celebrates the underground hip-hop culture. There were a few stages with various artists performing throughout the weekend—both on the mic, and on the canvas, and on the outside of the arena in the mix of a slew of vendors and taco stands was a floor for the flatland contest that doubled as a breakdancing stage when the riders were finished. It was awesome to see a flatland contest get the luxury of having a proper floor instead of making due with whatever semi-flat surface happened to be available at the time, and the riders seemed to love it. The dirt contest was held inside the actual rodeo arena. There was a big drop-in off some scaffolding in the chute where livestock usually walks, then there were two massive doubles that curved slightly to the left before the course ended with a mellow left-hand quarter to bank dirt hip.

Saturday was qualifying for both flatland and dirt, and considering this was the first year for this contest and no one really knew how things would pan out, the number of riders that showed up was really good. Lots of heavy hitters were on hand and everyone stuck it out through a few hurdles and organizational blunders to make the comp go off.

Since everyone at the event was there to see hip-hop, the crowd was pretty sparse, but at the end of the weekend, everyone seemed to have a smile on their face regardless. Crazy tricks were pulled, gnarly slams were brushed off, good times were had, and a handful of dudes took home some cash along with bragging rights—so all in all the event was a success, and we hope they bring it back next year even bigger and better.

Check out the results and some photos below, and then click on page two of this post to see some of the flatland riding from pro finals. Also, be on the lookout for other edits of the dirt comp to pop up sooner or later.

Photos by Fat.

2011 Soulstyce Fest Amateur Flatland Final Results:
1. Jamie Bonthius
2. Jowii Felix
3. Sean Fontenot
4. Todd Carter
5. John Yull
(Best Trick: John Yull)

2011 Soulstyce Fest Pro Flatland Final Results:
1. Pete Brandt
2. Matthias Dandois
3. Jesse Puente
4. Alex Jumelin
(Best Trick: Jesse Puente)

2011 Soulstyce Fest Amateur Dirt Final Results:
1. Michael Guilmette
2. Marco Palacios
3. Easton Turner
4. Sean Lomis
6. Taylor Bachelier (tie)
6. Jonathan “Pedro” Kikawa (tie)
7. Brett Donohue
8. Killiam McGuiness
9. Trevor Fitz
10. Adrean Harris
11. Patrick Reynoso

2011 Soulstyce Fest Pro Dirt Final Results:
1. Pat Casey
2. Colton Satterfield
3. Mike “Hucker” Clark
4. AJ Anaya
5. TJ Ellis
6. Ricky Mosley
7. Luke Parslow
8. Thomas Hancock
9. Cory Nastazio
10. Dylan Stark
11. Midget Cory Walters
12. Dustin Grice
13. Lawrence Werrell
14. Alex Landeros
15. Joey Cordova
16. Mike Lakin
(Best Trick: Dylan Stark – Truck down the roll in.)

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