This afternoon the Powder Mountain ski resort just outside Salt Lake City, Utah was host to the first (hopefully annual) King Of The Mountain dirt contest. Eddie Buckley from 5050 BMX headed things up, Shawn “Elf” Walters buit a gnarly jump, and a ton of people were on hand for the Powder Mountain Motocross race to scream their heads off as 12 riders sent themselves during a super fun jam.

The vibe was super chill and really good all weekend long, both at the event and all around the mountain. All 12 of the invited riders got to stay at a decked out cabin just down the mountain from the venue—jacuzzi, pool table, air hockey, movie room, tons of food and drinks—the works. The weather was beautiful the entire weekend, and the vacation-like event was a welcomed change of pace from all the hectic contests that have been back to back for the past month or so.

The actual jam went on for about an hour with a few minutes set aside for a best table contest, sweetest 360 contest, best turndown contest, highest air contest, and a best trick jam, all while keeping an eye out for the best style of the day. Mike Aitken, Rob Wise, and Calvin Krey were all judges, and at the end of the day Kyle Baldock was named King Of The Mountain.

Look for a video from the jam to be posted on Monday, and keep your fingers crossed that this event continues to grow over the years—it’s definitely a good one and we’d love to see it happen again!

Best Tabletop Winner: Chris Hughes
Sweetest 360 Winner: Pat Casey
Best Turndown Winner: Brandon Dosch
Highest Jump Winner: Mike “Hucker” Clark
Best Style Winner: Jayson Johnson
King Of The Mountain Best Trick Winner: Kyle Baldock (Frontflip No-Hander to Barspin)

Photos by Fat.