2010 King Of New York Street Results and Photos

The first day of the 15th annual King Of New York contest series just wrapped up in Tompkin’s Square park in the East Village. Along with a police cruiser turned into a multifaceted obstacle, there was also a flatland jam and a huge audience turnout, as well. Instead of the usual contest format of each rider getting individual runs, this year was just a jam with everyone riding all day and the unnamed judges just watched everyone ride and at the end they awarded the riders who shredded the most. Pretty cool concept for a chill and fun day.

The KONY picks up tomorrow at Cunningham Park in Queens with the dirt comp. Hopefully we’ll see you there and for now here are the results and a grip of photos.

Ramp/Street Course Results:
1. Pat Laughlin
2. “Black Rob” Deveaux
3. David Radoncic

Flatland Results:
1. Jim Cavanaugh
2. Luke Malone
3. Robin

Best Trick Winner:
Neil Hide – Alley-Oop backwards grind-to-180 out.

Highest Bunnyhop:
Brad Simms – 47 inches

2010's King Of New York, Pat Laughlin, 180 X-Factor.