X Games 2014 – Vert Finals Photos & Results

The first event of the weekend was vert finals held in downtown Austin in front of the capital building with a huge crowd on hand to watch Jamie Bestwick win his ninth consecutive gold medal in X Games vert. Simon Tabron blasted insanely huge airs with stretched limbs for a well deserved second, and Dennis McCoy just proved once again how much of a bad-ass he is by busting a 900—after taking a gnarly slam on the first one he tried—DMC is 47 years old and doing 900s. Think about what most 47 year old dudes are doing. What a sick way to start off the weekend!


1. Jamie Bestwick
2. Simon Tabron
3. Dennis McCoy
4. Steve McCann
5. Coco Zurita
6. Mykel Larrin
7. Chad Kagy
8. Vince Byron



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