Scotty Cranmer takes his third X Games gold, beating out Ryan Nyquist and Pat Casey. Scotty has always had a love affair with X Games, either taking the win or going down in a blaze of glory. In the finals, he proved he’s as consistent as ever, laying down a couple of solid runs and clinching the win fairly early, and able to take a victory lap. Nyquist gets the silver, upping his X Games medal victories and Pat Casey gets his first medal in his second X Games. Look for a photo gallery shortly with a video just after that.

NameBib #HometownScore
1.Scotty Cranmer7Jackson, N.J.79.00
2.Ryan Nyquist14San José, Calif.77.00
3.Pat Casey6Placentia, Calif.76.00
4.Brett Banasiewicz2South Bend, Ind.75.00
5.Drew Bezanson3Truro, Canada70.00
6.Gary Young20San Diego, Calif.67.00

The BMX Freestyle Park Heats were held immediately before Final competition. The winner from each heat and the next two highest scores from either heat not already qualified advance to the Final.

Heat 1

NameBib #HometownScore
1.Gary Young20San Diego, Calif.71.00
2.Kyle Baldock1Gold Coast, Australia71.00
3.Daniel Sandoval16Corona, Calif.66.00
4.Vince Byron4Brisbane, Australia62.00
5.Tommy Dugan10Haysville, Kans.52.00

 Heat 2

1.Ryan Nyquist14San José, Calif.78.00
2.Drew Bezanson3Truro, Canada77.00
3.Sebastian Keep12Hastings, Great Britain63.00
4.Garrett Reynolds15Toms River, N.J.59.00
5.Morgan Wade18Tyler, Tex.51.00

Heat 3

1.Scotty Cranmer7Jackson, N.J.78.00
2.Pat Casey6Placentia, Calif.74.00
3.Rob Darden8Greenville, N.C.64.00
4.Ben Wallace19Portsmouth, Great Britain56.00
5.Ben Hennon21Durham, Great Britain46.0

Heat 4

1.Brett Banasiewicz2South Bend, Ind.75.00
2.Chase Hawk11Austin, Tex.66.00
3.Daniel Dhers9Caracas, Venezuela66.00
4.Dan Foley22Arnold, Md.55.00
5.Jeremiah Smith17Cincinnati, Ohio53.00

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