Top 5 Wood Parks In The U.S.

1. Ray’s MTB Park – Cleveland, Ohio

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9801 Walford Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102
Opened: Fall 2004
Size: 103,000 sq. ft.
Hours and price vary

It’s funny how a park designed with mountain bikers in mind can have so much appeal to BMX riders, but Ray’s took the top spot in this article by a landslide. You will never hear a pro rider say he or she didn’t have fun at Ray’s. If we’ve ever said “this place has something for everyone” we take it back because Ray’s is the definition of that statement. Want to ride goofy elevators, teeter-totters, and logs? You got it. Want to ride a set of wooden trails complete with berms, hips, and step-ups? No problem. Want to learn a trick in the foam and take it to the resi before pulling it on a real box? Go ahead. Want to find new lines in a wooden bowl? Be Ray’s guest. Or how about race around a wooden pump track? You can do that, too—and all in one 103,000-sq. ft. facility. Ray’s is quite literally a playground for bike riders and probably one of the most fun places on the planet to ride. And you didn’t hear this from us, but even the roof of the building has awesome stuff to ride.

Ray’s has definitely become a staple for riders in the Midwest and videos like Road Fools Rock N’ Roll Tour have helped give the place publicity in recent years. Albe’s mail order even sponsors a bike night so head out there on Sunday evenings for the best BMX sessions.

“There’s seriously a five-minute run you can do without hitting the same ramp twice.” – Brad Gethard
“It was built with great ingenuity. When I ride there I can’t stop smiling!” – Ben Snowden

Ray\'s MTB Park Layout

Honestly, what other park in the world needs an illustrated map like a theme park? Click to enlarge and visually explore…

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