Top 10 BMX Videos On YouTube

YouTube (and now Vimeo) has rewritten the book on how riders get their fix of BMX videos over the past few years. From Simon O’Brien’s five million strong flatland section to Federal’s Paris trip video, we give you the rundown of the top ten most popular BMX videos on the ‘Tube.

1. Simon O’Brien Flaltand Section
Comments: 13,524
With more than five million plays, the most watched BMX video on YouTube has double the views than the second video on the list. Simon O’Brien’s section from was posted in October of 2006 and features mind-blowing links including a wild backwards halfpacker pressure flip in the middle of a long combo. And just to show he is a well-rounded rider, Simon throws in a no-hander over a box jump, and even a quick skateboarding clip.

2. 411 Intro & Section
Comments: 1,409
The second most watched BMX clip on YouTube is from the first issue of the short-lived video magazine known as 411 that debuted in early 2002. The section here is the video’s intro and first segment from the Terrible One/FBM contest that was held at Ramp Ranch in Austin, Texas in January of 2002. Mike Aitken won the contest even though he didn’t even pull the roll out on the banger move of the day—a pegless icepick to fakie on the 8ft wall. Besides a young Mike Aitken in this video you’ll also find Vic Ayala, Troy McMurray, crankflips, and a huge gap to wallride by Taj Mihelich.

3. Old School BMX
Comments: 2,321
I’m not nearly old enough to know where this next video comes from that is simply titled, “Old  School BMX.” It features just that…old school riders wearing full-face helmets and leather uniforms doing flatland moves on top of the stars of Hollywood Blvd. and airing steep and narrow quarter pipes. Even though these riders and moves were “before my time,” this type of riding is precisely what introduced me to BMX for the first time when I was in second grade. And even though the styles and tricks are (for the most part) really different from what is being done today, I still get stoked to see this kind of riding!

4. Racing Crash Compelation
Comments: 1,362
I’m not surprised at all that one of the most watched BMX videos on YouTube is a crash compellation. This one is nearly three solid minutes of high-speed racing crashes on the track. With eight dudes sprinting elbow-to-elbow over jumps and around berms, crashes on the racetrack are some of the gnarliest in BMX. And when you throw in some young, squirly kids and a bunch of clipped-in pedals, the recipe for disaster doubles.

5. Animal Road Trip
Comments: 2,016
An unknown user uploaded Animal’s October 2006 road trip video just a few months after it was released, but since the DVD was a free promo anyway, YouTube user “montrealbmx” actually did Animal a favor by helping spread their video to a ton of riders.

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