Tip Plus AZ Trip Part Two: Serenity Ride Shop Jam

Dakota Roche, switch toothpick hangover. Photo: Brady

Day three of the Tip Plus Arizona road trip brought the Serenity Ride Shop Jam. Tyler Coleman runs an awesome operation out in Arizona and the two year anniversary of his shop was the main purpose of this trip. We arrived to an already packed parking lot full of riders sessioning a pretty good collection of ramps. Dakota and AK put on a show on the flat rail, Dak got irate at a more than unhappy patron from the restaurant next door, and Ty did an insane icepick to fakie on a wedge ramp…Tony Ennis captured it all for an upcoming Primo edit of the trip, which should be a good one. After the wind down of the ever entertaining product toss and a couple wild rounds of foot down, the new Cult video Talk is Cheap premiered to a more than satisfied audience and that pretty much put the official business of the trip to an end. The last and final day brought half of the crew to the local campus to try and get some last minute Deadline clips, while half of the crew went home. All in all, it was a more than good time and certainly marked as a success by all on it. Big thanks to John Richard and Tip for the good times on the trip, and big thanks to Tyler Coleman for holding down a spot for the whole scene to enjoy.