Throwback Thursday: May 2003 Issue of Ride BMX

We dropped the preview for the May/June 2013 issue with Stevie Churchill dropping an insane truckdriver on the cover yesterday–now let’s take a look back ten years in time to the May 2003 issue of Ride BMX. Growing up as a young rider, this was still pretty early in my riding, but seriously influential in shaping what I respected as a rider. With severely contrasting interviews between Ryan Nyquist and Jim Cielencki, I learned to appreciate the small things that made the biggest differences in Jim’s riding as well as the limits that Ryan Nyquist pushed his riding to that made him the legend he already was and continues to be to this day. Of course, there are a hundred awesome things packed in the rest of the pages that make me look back fondly or think about in retrospect–click through the gallery below and go through some BMX history as it was 10 years ago.