Throwback Thursday: January 2008 Issue

January 2008 marked a period of change for Ride BMX magazine, with the mag getting a complete overhaul. In his interview on Defgrip, Keith Mulligan made the following comment about the changes:

“We (the editors) were unhappy with the magazine in many ways, advertisers wanted more out of it, and I’m sure readers weren’t pleased with what the magazine was looking like—most people wished the magazine was a bit better. When Brad McDonald ran the business and we were owned by Time Inc. our hands were tied. It was all about cutting costs to save money, and do this or do that to increase profits. Typical business, but it hurt us in so many ways. We were basically told what to do with a lot of things—what types of articles we should be doing, what our cover photos should be, what they should look like and say on them, etc. Now with our new owners, Bonnier, we’re finally able to make changes. And they believe in the things we want to do with the mag to make it better. They have invested the money in us to make it possible. It’s awesome.”

I personally remember the significant amount of changes made to the magazine as a subscriber and remember the overall positive reception to the new direction so for this week’s Throwback Thursday, let’s go back half a decade and see what was happening in January 2008.