The Friday Interview – Pro Q&A Interview Excerpts With DeHart, Williams, & Wise

This week we have three interviews for you with some of the dopest street riders out there right now—Rob Wise, Nathan Williams, and Chase DeHart. All three interviews feature overflow questions that you guys asked a few months ago. We couldn’t fit everything into their Pro Q&As in the mag, so the questions and answers that didn’t make it ended up here.

Chase DeHart Pro Q&A Interview Excerpts

Chase Dehart - Photo by Jeff Z.

What are your plans for the future with BMX?
Roger P.

For now my only plans are to continue riding as much as possible until I can start to picture myself wanting to slow down with riding. I don’t think I’ll think of much else, haha…just won’t even let myself—it’s good and bad I guess.

Is there going to be a Dehart frame from Cult? I’d love to see one!

Thanks a lot man, for now we are all fully content on the frames Cult has out, but who knows…

What is the most outrageous stunt you have performed on a manual pad?

I have no idea, haha. Nothing crazy…manual-to-180 G-turn? I’m not sure if that’s the best, but that’s all that pops into my head for now.

Four pegs? Opinions on them?

Four pegs are awesome man. I love grinds. The more grinds people are doing the better, but for now it’s just not for me. I like how two pegs feel and I still have a lot I want to learn with them.

Sup? First off I have to say you got the nicest whips ever. I saw you ride when you came to Vancouver with the Lotek crew, and ever since then all I’ve ever done is ride everyday all day. What motivates you to keep riding and progressing?
Dylan Cross

Man that is awesome to hear! Seriously, thank you. What motivates me to ride and keep progressing, is bike riding is still what I want to do every day, and what I think about. I have no idea how, but it’s still the most fun thing for me…even just to ride a manual pad. I get so hyped and just want to stay out and ride it, so I guess naturally you’re going to progress or get better at what you’re doing.

Tell the back-story about knife incident you tweeted about…
Dick Pickle

Ok, so we are at this park in Arizona, not a skatepark, but you know, a park. And Sean Sexton was trying to film this line, and these three bum ass dudes walk up and set up to play dominoes right where Sean was trying the line, so he asked nicely if he could sit at the next ledge down, and they were like “No, we sit here everyday.” and Sean’s like, “Come on, I just want to get this trick and then we will be out of your way.”, and the dudes just had a shitty attitude and started talking shit. Obviously Sean is already kind of tight since he can’t get what he wanted to do, so he starts saying shit back, so the one dude stands up and starts to square up. This dude was like 6’ 5″ and jacked, haha. He wasn’t f-cking around, so his two boys got up, so we all dropped our bikes and squared up like f-ck it, this is happening, let’s do this I guess. But you can tell the dude wasn’t really sure he wanted to get into it because we had more people and he realized we were all getting ready, so be broke out his knife, and Sean was like, “Nah, f-ck that. Put your knife away.” And the dude was over it too—is wasn’t worth it to any of us, or them either, so they all sat down, and we all just stayed by them, had a few small words, and then just continued to ride a little bit and filmed a littler more. Then we headed to a new spot a little while after. No big deal really.

All your tricks look so dialed; I’m wondering if there is that one “trick” that gave you the hardest time to learn…

I appreciate that man. I’m kind of a perfectionist, so any trick that I do learn I just keep doing it and doing. I don’t like to just do things, I like to figure them out and actually know what I just did. The trick that gave me the hardest time to learn I guess would be barspins? Even though I learned them, that is still just a trick for me that is always a work in progress. I can land them when I try them, but I’ve never been able to take them to everything I want to, so it’s just one of those tricks that has always felt like a work in progress.

You were one of the first riders to bring style to street by making something as simple as a half cab look oh so sweet, so what’s it like when you see youngsters imitate your prestige?
Jay C.

In my opinion there were a lot of dudes making street look nice since forever. Everyone has their own style, but thank you man. I think it’s awesome if kids are into my riding and taking it into their own. Seeing that kind of stuff gets me so hyped. Probably the best feeling, and I really appreciate them.

Hey chase, when did you start riding? I heard somewhere that you dropped out of school, is this true?

Yea that is true man. I dropped out of school pretty young. I gave up on school even younger, but legally couldn’t drop out until I was just about to be 16. They gave up on trying to make it work with me because I had missed the entire year. School just wasn’t for me. It was to a point where it was effecting everything around me, so my parents let me make my own decision, and I don’t think they regret letting me do that.

Etnies over Lotek? Psssshhhhh. If they dropped Morgan Wade and Jamie Bestwick do you really think you’re gonna have a long run with ‘em?
Adam B.

Yea, I mean, Jamie and Morgan both had good runs with Etnies, but nothing lasts forever. But thanks for the thought man. I made the right decision for me, and am happy with it.

Chase why did you gravitate towards insanely tech ledge stuff instead of Chase Hawk type riding?
Marty H.

I just have always done what feels fun for me, and I do whatever comes to my head. I love watching Hawk ride, but I like to do what I like to do, which really isn’t just tech ledge stuff. Whatever is in my face is usually what I have fun riding. I’m not too picky when it comes to what I ride as long as it’s outside.

What are your thoughts on Chase Hawk?

I love Chase Hawk (n/h). That’s like my brother, man. I have known Hawk for forever even though he lives in Texas and I live in New Jersey. We used to go to each others house like it was down the block. I would spend like nine months out of the year on trips and living with him. We know each other’s families well…all that. That’s my brothe,r man. He’s a good kid.

Hey Chase, first of all, mad respect. Second of all, you do some crazy awesome stuff. How do you get psyched up to do something huge, crazy, or scary?
Alex G.

Thanks Alex! Seriously. I’ve never left the house saying I’m going to do something. Tthat is just setting myself up for too many thoughts and some of those thoughts can push me away from what I want to do. I always just ride, and whatever comes into my head then I just do it. If I’m scared of something, then it just isn’t time for me to mess with it. I always ride on instinct and not whether if [Ryan] Navaz is around or not, because one day something won’t seem bad for you, and you’re like “I definitely want to do this it makes sense,” then maybe a month later you go back and you’re like, “What the hell was I thinking? There is no way I can do this.”, so I just always try to ride on instinct, if I’m telling myself I can do something, it’s usually for a reason. And if I’m telling myself I can’t, it’s usually for a reason.

Chase, which dudes do you think keep it the realist in BMX, and why? Shout outs from my boys over in Ohio.
Mtta Crew

Shouts back to Ohio! Who do I think keeps it the realist? CULT CREW, haha. Nah because I know them so well, I know they are real and have good intentions, I know where their head is at and it’s in the best place to me. Animal too…just from what they enjoy riding alone should show you the appreciation they must have for everything. They are the real deal over there. East Coast…Plenty others man, but I have to keep it kind of short.

Chase, your rep didn’t seem to take as much of a hit with the kids as some of the other guys who left Fit. Do you guys (on Cult) ever talk with each other about the endless sh-t talk that goes on down the nets? What is your opinion about it all? So stoked to see you get the ender in Let ‘Em Talk.
Andy A.

Thanks Andy…not sure if it was deserved, but I’m so happy about it. I couldn’t believe when Navaz told me I had the ender. As for the sh-t talk…it sucks when you come across something that hits you a little bit, but really we can’t be bothered with it. It’s definitely not what’s important. Just doing our thing and riding and having each other’s back is all that is important.

I fell in love with your riding style when I saw it in the Cult video and I was even more stoked to see you ride in the Red Bull Trick Or Treat Jam in Brooklyn and get your autograph. My question is: You’ve been known to turn spots that are not rideable into rideable spots…What goes though your mind when you roll up to a non-regular street spot?
Louie S.

I don’t know man. I have spots by my house, but anything legit is usually a hike, so I just hit whatever half the time. Whatever I can find to mess around on in my area. After a while you start making shit up and start seeing that in places everywhere. I just always try to see something…whatever to convince myself it’s worth riding, haha.

How do you ride with your pants down that far? Can’t imagine how you even keep them from sliding down further…Anyway, I know a lot of people who are annoyed by the looks of it, haha.

That’s all right, man, but believe it or not, they always start off at the top. Then as I’m riding they make their way down. I wear bigger sizes than my actual size. It doesn’t bother me…sorry to hear it bothers your friends.

Hey, I know some people ride grips in and others grips out, but you’ve taken grips in to a ridiculous level. Why not just run narrower bars?
Scott Miller

Yeah, I feel you man, but I don’t like narrow bars. I like holding on the inside and having the ends there in case I want to slide my hands over. I move my hands around when I’m riding…I like the option I guess. So having a smaller grip or narrow bars won’t feel right. I don’t like or hate how it looks…it is what it is.

It’s no secret that you’re not one of those riders that does crazy flips and triple whips, but yet you’re still one of the most idolized riders in BMX. What’s your outlook on this? And now the cold weather is here how do you beat it?
Mitchell K.

That is the beauty of it—a nice bunnyhop 360 is just as rewarded as a 360 double whip. Shit, a hop 360 might even be more rewarded, haha! To me, that is awesome. I mean, it’s just whatever is impressive and appealing to you, and who cares what anyone likes about bike riding? It’s all what you like about it…that’s the best part about it. How do I beat this cold weather? I don’t! Maybe once a week I get anxious enough to tough it out and put on enough clothes to last outside, but this is usually when I travel the most and try go back and fourth to warm areas.

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