Texas Toast Jam Day 2 Results & Photos

Day two of Texas Toast consisted of Sunday’s 100 foot rail icepick challenge, although a few double pegs and Matt Beringer’s endo grinds were the tricks that graced the entire length of the rail, Matt Houck managed to lock in the furthest icepick grind at a few inches past 50 feet—that’s still a pretty damn long way to grind on one peg! Following the rail challenge was the curved wallride best trick, Jim Cielencki and Evan Smedley did an over under routine, which is always a crowd pleaser. Garrett Reeves went for a 360 to wallride—and he wore a long sleeve black sweatshirt in the 100 degree heat so he wouldn’t scrape his elbow on the wall. He never pulled it, but it was pretty sick that he tried it and I’m sure he’ll figure out how to do one on street soon enough. Gary Young’s curved wall to hard 270 earned him the win.

After the curve wall, the Gauntlet was reopened and everyone just sessioned that and the dirt jumps for a few hours. Keep in mind that although there were contests going on all weekend, the event was open to all riders and inbetween the contests people were just riding the course—it was literally an all day jam. Dirt finals got under way at 6:45 pm, 15 riders, 4 runs each, followed by a 10 minute jam session. The riding styles ranged from heavy Dew Tour style tricks to soulful trail style, and everything inbetween. Ask anyone in attendance and they will probably say that the best part of the evening, and definitely the best way to wrap up the contest, was when Mike Aitken dropped in to hit the jumps during the jam session. It was the first time he rode all weekend and for him to drop in and hit those jumps for the first time in front of all those people while everyone was doing contest tricks was courageous and really inspiring. He made it through the whole section in three tries and it was the perfect grand finale.

Texas Toast Jam has come to an end and will no doubt go down in the BMX history books as one of the most fun and laid back contests in recent years. I even overheard Dave Voelker mention this contest reminded him of what contests were like back in the ’80s, and he meant that in that in best way possible. A true grass roots, DIY, freestyle event celebrating BMX, fun, and creativity. Those of you who missed out this year…hope they put on another one next year and if they do, you better make sure you be there. A big hi-five goes out to Taj Mihelich, Odyssey, and all the other sponsors and people who helped make the event possible.


Sunday Icepick Challange: Matt Houck, 50′ 8″

Curve wallride: Gary Young

Dirt Finals:
1. Gary Young
2. Chase Hawk
3. Ricky Moseley