Shredding Through The Seasons

Text and photos by Bryce Randol

I think anyone who rides a bike can agree how amazing it is that our sport has no seasons. We can ride all year round—if it’s too hot we ride at night, if it’s cold, we find warmth indoors or by traveling. In the Midwest the seasons changing are especially evident and it’s important for us to take advantage of the good weather while we can.

Summer is a time for adventure; kids have summer vacation and adults take long holidays to travel as they please. I recently made the adjustment from a student to a nine-to-fiver. Starting a new job didn’t allow me to travel out of the area, so I decided to delve deeper into the scene that makes up the region I live in. I discovered an amazing scene in the Kansas/Missouri area with a diverse group of riders. Riders who shred equally as hard on street as they do dirt, and amazing park riders who come from small towns on the outskirts of the city. However, the level of riding that is shown here isn’t what surprised me, it’s the level of connection we all have. Some of these riders live three or four hours away, and yet we can still stay in contact on a regular basis—organizing jams and gatherings. Sometimes word of mouth just gets away from us and a huge session happens on an otherwise uneventful Sunday.

The photos in this gallery span from April to October and portray just a small quantity of the riders we have here, each with their own unique style and ways of enjoying their bicycles. It can also be assumed that the riding will not stop when the weather declines, and the desire we have to ride will still keep us shredding on two wheels through the winter months.