Sean Morr’s Stolen Legion Bike Check

Name: Sean Morr
Age: 24
Height: 6’0
Weight: 200lbs
Sponsors: STLN Bikes, Madera, CEM Face Clothing, ODI

Sean and his Stolen Legion setup. Photo: Jeff Z.

Frame: STLN Legion, 21″
Fork: STLN Typhoon
Headset: STLN Insider
Stem: Madera Mast
Handlebars: STLN Cell, 8.65″
Grips: ODI O
Tires: Stolen Joint 2.2″
Rear Wheel: Madera Cassette, STLN Roulette rim
Front Wheel: Madera STLN Roulette rim
Cranks: Profile, 170mm
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted at the moment
Chain: Shadow Interlock
Sprocket: Madera 28t spline drive
Seat: STLN Kushion
Post: STLN Tuner
Clamp: Integrated
Pegs: STLN Silencer

First things first–what’s more important? A light bike or light head of hair?
Definitely a light head of hair. The dreads were getting a bit much and not growing how I wanted them to, so I had to give them the go. I miss them a little bit but really not much at all.

What’s it like having signature pegs from Stolen? It seems like you guys are the first to drop a longer plastic peg and by the talk in your One Hot Product, they’re lasting a long time for a plastic peg.
Having signature pegs is awesome. It’s my first signature part, and I am glad they are something I can be really psyched about. One thing I did want was something longer and it’s awesome. The material is quite a bit harder too and doesn’t wear down as fast. I haven’t even replaced the sleeves from my first samples yet.

Any other plans for signature Stolen products?
I have a colorway coming out on the Legion frame in the near future. It’s a flat blue shade. I’ll have my sample in the next few weeks and hopefully it will be out early next year. Other than that nothing much but hopefully some more stuff soon.

Jackson Ratima and Chris Brown just got on Stolen, adding two local dudes that you ride a bit more like than the rest of the team–are you excited to have them on the team as well?
Yeah, it’s cool to have some fresh faces on the team out here. Morgan [Long] was out for a while and nothing much was going on for a long time, so it’s good to see some new dudes and hopefully you’ll see a lot more stuff from STLN for 2013.

You’re a pretty big dude–how’s your bike set up over all? Long and tall?
Yeah, I ride a 21″ with a 54mm stem, so I like it to feel a little longer. I like my bars tall but nothing crazy, a little Chicago though.

Are there any modifications you make to your bike, or do you ride everything pretty much stock?
Yeah, everything is pretty much stock, I cut the bars a bit and keep the chain real tight.

Do you need your bike to feel any particular way or have anything set up in a specific manner?
I like my bike to feel solid. I used to work at a bike shop for a long time so I’m pretty picky and like it really dialed in.

Winter months just hit the States, but you’re in sunny and warm Long Beach–any plans to go anywhere outside of the SoCal area for the next few months?
Just back home to Chicago for Christmas and maybe a couple trips hear and there. Nothing much though.