Russ Barone’s never ending cross country tour recently brought him to Long Beach, California for some time away from the cold in his native state of New York. If you’ve seen any of his efforts in Cult’s Talk is Cheap DVD, you know that Russ takes a more classic, stylish approach to riding and his bike is set up accordingly. No extreme head tube angle, ridiculously short rear end length or crazy geometry–this Deathrow is setup for laying down some fast and smooth moves on setups you’d pass by for years before even thinking of hitting. It’s everything Russ needs and nothing he doesn’t–dig into his fresh Cult Deathrow setup with Demolition goods below.

Name: Russ Barone
Age: 24
Location: Long Beach, Austin, Long Island
Height: 5’8″
Weight:  165lbs

Frame: Cult Deathrow, Dakota Roche colorway, 20.5″
Fork: Cult Sect V2
Headset: Cult
Stem: Cult Mind Control
Handlebars: Cult Leader Bars
Grips: Cult Dak
Tires: Demolition Machete
Rear Wheel: Demolition
Front Wheel: Demolition
Cranks: Demolition Revolt
Pedals: Demolition Trooper
Chain: Cult
Sprocket: Cult OS
Seat: Cult Dehart
Post: Cult Counter
Pegs: Demolition Team