Ride BMX’s 2011 Covers & The Stories Behind Them

Well, another awesome year has passed, and another nine lucky riders have graced the cover of our magazine. Check out all of Ride’s 2011 covers right here along with the stories behind them as told by the photographers themselves. Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe for 2012!

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Issue 170 – January/February 2011
Drew Bezanson, photo by Jeff Zielinski.

I really don’t need to state the obvious and go into how crazy this truckdriver is. Dennis Enarson broke the cherry on this gap with a tailwhip in Nike’s Writing On The Wall. And a few years later, when we started shooting Drew’s interview, this spot was on Drew’s radar, so he talked to Dennis about the gap, and besides some “you got that” reassurance, Dennis also told Drew to bring a broom because the runway was rocky. So after the 2010 Dew Tour finals in Las Vegas, Drew, Fat Tony, and I packed all our bikes, gear, and bodies into a small rental car and drove to Phoenix, Arizona. After driving all day and finally arriving at night, Drew didn’t waste any time and still managed to fire out a banger gap-to-wallride that same night. And things weren’t any different once we got to the ditch the next day. After sweeping away a small desert’s worth of sand from the landing and runway, Drew walked up the hill, took a few run-ups, and then jumped down it, he then followed that up with a straight 360 (which everyone thought was more than good enough and we even questioned if he needed to bother with truck), but Drew was there for the truckdriver, so and he walked back up the bank and without much of a delay, he made sure everyone was ready and he did it. The overwhelming feeling of relief that Drew conquered it first go, and walked away totally unscathed, and of course the sheer shock of witnessing that insane move had everyone yelling and screaming hysterically. After our celebrating calmed down, Drew mentioned that although it was really scary, he had so much time in the air that he felt like he could’ve done even more than a truckdriver. And as crazy as that sounds, you have to remember that is Drew Bezanson we’re talking about. —Jeff

Camera Info: Canon 1D Mark II, 70-200 lens, ambient light.

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