Results and Photos: Dew Tour Streetstyle Finals

I’ll just say that Streetstyle is my favorite event. It’s fast, it’s gnarly, and it’s just flat out awesome. So, it was a great way to kick off the Dew Tour weekend by letting sixteen dudes bomb a street in SF and put some pegs on some shit, you know? Overall, the event was hard to really get a scope of because I could only see portions of the course at a time, but I can say that I know Scotty killed his first run and pretty much held it the entire time until Ty Morrow came in and laid a crazy run to unseat him. Chad Kerley laid down a serious run after and took over the lead and both Garrett and Scotty had the chance to get in there, but fell short. Either way, Chad, Ty, and Scotty on the podium is a well-rounded podium, so it’s all good.

Side note: this will be the end of our coverage of Dew Tour, but you can still check it out right here. It’s been fun, ya’ll. We got Texas Toast and NORA next week, so the fun ain’t stopping anytime soon.

1st Place – Chad Kerley
2nd Place – Ty Morrow
3rd Place – Scotty Cranmer
4th Place – Drew Bezanson
5th Place – Garrett Reynolds
6th Place – Van Homan
7th Place – Jeremiah Smith
8th Place – Dan Lacey
9th Place – Gary Young
10th Place – Corey Martinez