Red Bull Dirt Conquers Day 1

Red Bull’s Dirt Conquers is under way in Guadalajara, Mexico, and somehow Dave King and his crew improved on last year’s masterpiece. The course layout is mostly the same since it wasn’t torn down after last year’s comp, but everything is a little steeper, and there are a few new obstacles and additions.

Friday was the first day of practice. Some guys who were in the comp last year revisited favorite lines and guys here for the first time found new ones. Gary Young was the first to wallride the rainbow addition over the cradle, and Dennis Enarson threw down a wallride-to-whip off it after getting comfortable on it. Unfortunately Sergio Layos crashed and broke his foot. Fuzzy (who is a judge this weekend) also crashed and hurt his thumb, but luckily X-rays showed it wasn’t broken. The contest goes down on Sunday. Be sure to log on to to watch the live feed.

Check out the gallery here to see what this year’s course looks like and to get a little taste of what the riders were throwing down in practice.

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