Red Bull Battle At The Bricks Recap, Results, & Photos

Red Bull Battle At The Bricks Recap, Results, & Photos
Text and photos by Fat Tony.

For the past two years local Indianapolis flatland riders Jake Jackson and Alan Young have teamed up with Red Bull for the Fight With Flight contest that took place inside an airplane hangar. This year they switched things up, changed locations, and gave the event a new name and Battle at the Bricks went down in the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the 100-year anniversary of the Indy 500—one of the most famous car races of all time. With beginner, expert, master, and pro classes there were more than 50 riders that competed in what would be the third stop of the 2011 Am Flatland Circuit.

The night before the contest there was supposed to be a pre jam at the Red Bull warehouse in Downtown Indy. However, there were so many riders the jam migrated to a parking lot just a block away. Having too many riders to fit into a building is definitely a good problem to have, and at the end of the day it’s not about the location, it’s about the session—and the session was on from the get go. I didn’t count, but if I had to guess I’d say there were 60-70 riders in the parking lot and Red Bull even brought out their MXT (a crazy military truck that transforms into a giant sound system and DJ booth) to help out the vibe and provide some tunes. (Click here for the pre jam video.)

The weather forecast didn’t look promising the entire week leading up to the contest, but on the morning of the event it seemed like it was going to hold out (even though it was overcast). The contest area had a perfect concrete floor and was in a cool location right at the base of a famous building inside the two and a half-mile racetrack. There was an identical size floor barricaded off for practice and plenty more space all around for people to ride. And for once I didn’t hear a single complaint about the contest or practice floor—maybe a flatland contest first?

Things kicked off with the beginner class (one-minute run), followed by expert (one and a half-minute run) and master (two-minute run). There were no finals for beginner, but the top four riders from expert and master qualifying rounds rode again in the finals later on in the evening. For the pro class there were two qualifying rounds, each with two and a half-minute runs. From the first qualifying round they took the top eight riders to the second qualifying round, then from there they took the top four to the finals for a battle-format finale. (This was the same pro class format the Ninja Spin contest used last month in France.)

Terry Adams qualified in the top position for the first round of the pro class qualifying with a no-touch run. Then in the second round of qualifying he had a few touches and falls and landed all his combos pretty sketchy. So after winning the last few North American contests and qualifying first here in Indy he didn’t make it to the top four. There were some questions as to why Dominik Nekolny didn’t make it into the top four after an awesome second round qualifying run, and honestly it seemed like even the judges were a bit confused as to how their scores didn’t place Dom in the finals. When all was said and done and the dust cleared, the top four guys to battle in the pro finals were Matthias Dandois, Matt Wilhelm, Dane Beardsley, and Dez Maarsen.

Just as the finals were about to go down the weather started to look really bad and they had to speed things up to try to beat the rain. The first battle was between Matt Wilhelm and Dane Beardsley, and although both of them had nearly perfect runs, Matt won by a unanimous decision from the five judges. The second battle between Dez Maarsen and Matthias Dandois was super fun to watch. Both of those guys rode great, did super hard tricks, and were putting on a good show for the crowd. You could tell they were having a blast battling each other. Matthias ended up winning that match, again by a unanimous decision from the judges. Just as Dez and Dane were about to battle for third and fourth place it started to rain and it quickly got too wet for them to ride. Dane may have been able to push through since he does more straight rolling tricks, but Dez does a lot more spinning and pivoting, and it just wasn’t happening. After a bit of scrambling and as the rain continued to come down the organizers decided to just cut their losses and call the last two battles off and declare the winners of the finals in the order of how they qualified. Everyone agreed that was fair and the day ended in smiles all around and talks of plans for a night out on the town for some partying to cap off a great weekend of BMX.

Red Bull Battle At The Bricks Beginner Results:
1. Jimmy Kibbons
2. Jason Sponheimer
3. David Podkowinski
4. Paul Newkirk
5. Brandon Gale
6. Robert Sparling
7. Greg Leushner
8. Kareem Essofi
9. Jake Jackson

Red Bull Battle at the Bricks beginner class podium: Jason Sponheimer, Jimmy Kibbons, and David Podkowinski

Red Bull Battle At The Bricks Expert Results:
1. Andrew Wickham
2. Mitchell Hall
3. Joe Cicman
4. Tony Schinidwin
5. Alan Young
6. Todd Carter
7. Josh Hansen
8. Shawn Lapsley
9. Scott Nagy
10. Frank Maccio
11. Chad Carpenter
12. Steve Lapsley
13. Scott Byrd
14. Chris Prez
15. Chris Mcleen
16. George Wilson
17. Paul Hahn
18. Mike Smick
19. Roy Deguzman
20. Andy Johnson
21. Mike Evans
22. Chuck Driggers

Red Bull Battle at the Bricks expert class podium: Mitchell Hall, Andrew Wickham, and Joe Cicman

Red Bull Battle At The Bricks Master Results:
1. Jorge Vasquez
2. Joel Schallhorn
3. Todd Gully
4. Diego Tejada
5. Brian Ryback
6. Michael Van Dur Kroft
7. Tyler Gilliard
8. Prasheel Gopal
9. Bryan Huffman
10. Alex Porier
11. Lincoln Harberger
12. Ron Monis
13. Matt Coburn

Red Bull Battle at the Bricks master class podium: Joel Schallhorn, Jorge Vasquez, and Todd Gully

Red Bull Battle At The Bricks Pro Results:
1. Matthias Dandois
2. Matt Willhelm
3. Dane Beardsley
4. Dez Maarsen
5. Dominik Nekolny
6. Terry Adams
7. Alex Jumelin
8. Jean Buhlon
9. Bo Wade
10. Joe Miller

Red Bull Battle at the Bricks pro class podium: Matt Wilhelm, Matthias Dandois, and Dane Beardsley