Pro Q&A: Steven Hamilton

Steven Hamilton lit a spark on the scene with his eye-opening section in the video A Day Late And A Dollar Short in 2001 and then fully exploded two years later with the release of Animal’s Can I Eat? Since then he has continued to churn out countless more video parts while influencing a generation of riders with his unique blend of a timeless, yet futuristic riding style. But however familiar BMX is with Steven through his video presence, beyond that, the man is largely a mystery. So we’re excited to be featuring Steven for our next Pro Q&A giving you the chance to ask this legendary rider anything you want. So fire away in the comments below or you can email your question to Look for his answers in the November issue of RideBMX.

Steven’s part from Animal’s Can I Eat?

Here’s one of Steven’s most recent edits, Moonwalk In The Truth, featuring him riding and skating a lot of the same spots.

A Day Late And A Dollar Short.