Pro Q&A: Drew Bezanson

The next victim/volunteer for our Pro Q&A is Drew Bezanson. I hardly have to praise the man, as we’re all fully aware that he’s one of the most entertaining dudes on a bike. Whether it’s a contest, a cement park, trails, or on the streets, Drew always has something both wild and unexpected. Feel free to leave your questions on this very post (or if you’re facebook impaired, send me an e-mail at and Drew will be obligated to answer them and we’ll put the best of the very best in the January 2013 issue…

Possible topics: from coming back from a gnarly head injury to win his second NORA Cup, why he’s so good at Simple Sessions, filming for the upcoming Shadow video, what it’s like to be sponsored by Toyota, his switch to SoCal from rural Canada, his love for motocross, or why he likes to be called Mr. Pig…I could go on for days.