I’ve said it before, but Mega Ramp and things like that are not my thing. It’s too unattainable and far-fetched from my level of riding to really comprehend what it’s like and really, most of the time I can’t get over the fact that certain events treat it more like a Nascar crash waiting to happen. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy watching it and it 100% does not mean that I don’t respect the people that ride it and push what’s possible. So, getting two free tickets to the final stop of the Nitro Circus Live US tour was certainly a treat for me and I brought along my camera to shoot some photos to say thanks.

The show really was two and a half hours of entertainment, more similar to an actual circus than any sort of session I’ve experienced..but that’s the whole idea, right? I really do have to give it up for these dudes, as this was the last stop of ten, doing wild shit basically every other day…especially Jame Foster…imagine the mindset you have to be in to try to do triple flips on a daily basis.

I heard rumors that Nitro Circus has a deal to do a bunch of shows in Vegas sometime in the future, so keep an eye out and make sure you witness one of these shows in person.

Excuse a lack of captions in some of the photos, as I didn’t know all the riders.