Photo Gallery: Kink Squash It Video Premiere

True statement: Squash It is outright amazing. Kink has put out their fifth full-length and is doing premieres in the cities that their riders rep. First was their home base of Rochester, then Austin, and tonight, Phoenix. Check the photos from the premiere and hit up your favorite shop or mail-order for a copy—they’re free with any Kink product. That’s a god damn deal for full sections from Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Chris Doyle, Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, and Ben Hittle. From the intro section of Am Dan Coller to the banger section of Tony Hamlin, Squash It never slows down. Beautifully shot, an amazing soundtrack, a cohesive theme all the way through, and the best riding from some of the best dudes in BMX. Could it get any better? Trust me, the video is great.