Photo Gallery: 200 RideBMX Covers

Our current issue featuring Chad Kerley throwing the bars over a giant rail drop on the cover (July 2014) is the 200th issue of RideBMX. To help put that in perspective, the first issue came out 22 years ago—so we’re talking about an unfathomable amount of history here. Coinciding with this milestone issue we collected every cover of Ride into a huge gallery and dug up a few cover related facts/stats as well. For some of our more seasoned readers this will be a fun flashback, and for those of you who have picked up the magazine for your first time more recently, well, here’s you chance to get a little dose of BMX history—either way, we hope you enjoy it.

•Youngest rider to be on a Ride cover, 14 year-old Dave Young (yes, “the” Dave Young), December 1993, issue #8, the caption read, “14 year old Dave Young slides a 27 stepper in Escondido, CA. Would you believe he’s only been riding one year?”

•The rider to be on the most covers is Chris Doyle, with five— issues #64, #102, #138, #155, #169. Followed by Mat Hoffman #15, #18, #49, #71, Dave Mirra #24, #30, #45, #73, and Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla #19, #37, #75, #89.

•Photographers who shot the most RideBMX covers; Jeff Zielinski with 61, followed by Mark Losey with 51, Keith Mulligan at 28, Brad McDonald 21, and Ryan Fudger with 20.

•The October 2010 issue (#167), featuring Nathan Williams doing a peg grind-to-hop over on a second story rail, was shot by his team mate and fellow pro rider, Corey Martinez.

•First cover shot with a digital camera, issue #94, March 2004, Dave Dillewaard, x-up tailwhip, shot by Mark Losey.

•There are 23 covers featuring a tailwhip (or whip variation).

•The only cover not to have an action photo is issue #140, January 2008, with a detail photo of “English John’s” bike (subscriber cover), Photo: Keith Mulligan. The newsstand cover for that month featured Tom White doing an outrageous over-to-Smith grind above a huge drop.

•Covers featuring a main photo plus a sequence, #37 Mike Escamilla, fence peg stall, #42 Taj Mihelich, fufanu on a rail out of a ditch, #43 Brian Castillo, icepick on a rail between a set of double, and #48 Van Homan, ledge manual.

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