One Hot Product: Jackets & Outerwear

It’s still pretty damn cold in a lot of the world right now and as much as it sucks to say, it’s probably going to be pretty cold for a while in those places. Fortunately, there’s a lot of options out there from your favorite BMX companies to stay warm these days. For this week’s edition of One Hot Product, we’re looking at some outerwear (more specifically, jackets) that will keep that cool breeze or cold bite off your skin in the dreary winter months.

Fox’s Dunkirk Jacket
I’m definitely feeling the built in hood from Fox’s Dunkirk jacket–the brown and black options are dope too.

The Fox Dunkirk Jacket has just enough subtle style to separate it from the rest. This button up jacket comes complete with a built in hood to amp up the warmth, and since it’s made with Fox premium quality you know you’ll be wearing this one for a long time.