One Hot Product: Big Big Big Tires

Tires are getting BIG these days. For ages 2.25″ seemed to be the final frontier for big tires–now tires are pushing into the 2.4″ range. This is hardly a trend–many frames these days are designed for a big tire in the rear end and forks as well. A bigger tire means more contact point with the ground (more traction) and make riding street a lot nicer, especially with a little bit of PSI let out. Keep reading our roundup of some of the bigger tires out there these days–there’s no shortage of ’em.

Premium CK Tire
Chad’s signature tire from Premium is the only tire to answer to Odyssey’s Chase Hawk design and hop into the 2.4″ range. The CK tire comes in Black, Redwall, Skinwall and is also available in 2.0″.