One Hot Product: Animal’s V3 Nigel Sylvester Edtion Sprocket

Nigel Sylvester isn’t your typical pro BMX rider. While the internet is flooded with a barrage of poorly executed videos and projects that get enjoyed by a fraction of BMX riders, Nigel rises above the rest with every step he takes and creates something that hits marks on all levels. Whether it’s throwing one of the most memorable jams in Long Beach history or promoting his signature products, Nigel does it right and his actions are certainly worth taking notes from. 

Case in point, the campaign to promote Sylvester’s second signature watch from G-Shock, entitled the “Stealth.” The Queens native is well known for his atypical position in the video scene and his new Black Out film is the antithesis to your typical BMX video part. Theatrical production values meet the streets of New York and the end result couldn’t leave the Queens native or BMX shining brighter. If you’ve ever spent time pedaling around a major city, you’ll feel the buzz that this film gives off–I am hard pressed to recall a time a product promo made BMX look this dope.

Nigel stars in G-Shock’s “Black Out” film promoting his signature watch.

Of course, it didn’t just end there–the project hit all the marks, all the way to long time component sponsor Animal Bikes whipping up ten limited edition sprockets to commemorate the occasion. The polished aluminum of Animal’s V3 sprocket mixed with black teeth and engraving are something that any rider can appreciate from an aesthetic standpoint and it truly is a great counterpart to the watch. To top it all off, each sprocket is engraved by Zodiac Engineering in the United States and with only ten made, these are sure to go fast and quickly become a collector’s item.

Sure, this is a product that few will get their hands on and even fewer (if any) are going to actually run on a bike. But, in an over saturated market with plenty of cookie cutter companies and products out there, it’s awesome to see companies as far away from each other as Animal and Casio coming together to make something dope happen. Things like this are full proof that when the right people are steering the ship, people and companies can come together to create something cool that appeals to riders and non-riders on at every level. If you’re looking to get ahold of one, check out details for the giveaway below–as of right now that’s the only way to get your hands on one, as these things are not for retail.