Ocean City Dew Tour – Vert Finals – Photos, Results, & Video

The man made it ten years straight. Although it wasn’t to plan, because Vince Byron was on it today, posting up a heavy score with his very first run. And atypical of Jamie Bestwick, his first run was a wash. Vince was looking to up his first score, but took a pretty crazy fall on a flip whip and it set the tone for the rest of the contest. Jamie came in and laced his second run and Vince slipped out on his third, giving the Jamie the win. After the contest, Jamie admitted that even though it could have been a wild event, that it wasn’t the best vert event for him or Vince, but still, it was damn good.

1. Jamie Bestwick
2. Vince Byron
3. Simon Tabron
4. Mykel Larrin
5. Coco Zurita
6. Colton Satterfield
7. Jimmy Walker
8. Zach Newman
9. Doug Leite De Oliveira
10. Steve Mccann

Jamie Bestwick’s First Place Run:

Vince Byron’s Second Place Run:


Simon Tabron’s Third Place Run: