Thirty minutes with the likes of Dan Lacey, Chad Kerley, Sean Sexton, Josh Harrington, Brian Kachinsky, Paul Ryan, Gary Young, and Morgan Wade. A new event of sorts, the street session was a laid-back jam on a nine stair rail and hubba. I mean, the level of riding was obviously insane. Sean Sexton did a bar-to-feeble-to-hard 180 down the hubba. Chad did a double truck off of it. And Lacey, damn. Lacey straight up killed it. Over-smith-to-ice down the rail. Switch tooth-to-over tooth. Backwards peg-to-fakie over tooth. Dan definitely deserved the win, the best trick award, and the six grand in prize money for, as he put it, “pretty much hanging out on the beach riding a rail.”

1st Place – Dan Lacey
2nd Place – Sean Sexton
3rd Place – Chad Kerley

Best Trick – Dan Lacey – Backward grind-to-over fakie tooth down the rail.