The Street Jam at Dew Tour is tucked is a quick event, but damn it’s 30 minutes of straight downrail/ledge destruction. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but highlights for me were definitely Sean Ricany’s bar smith nose bar down the ledge, Sean Sexton trying to learn 7’s out of the ledge, Stevie Churchill’s five down the set, Dennis Enarson coming straight from the park course to tire slide the rail and 180 whip the stairs, Bruno Hoffman’s perfect nose 180, and of course, Lacey’s 360 over ice. Check the photos, results, and hopefully some video if I can find any (I wasn’t allowed to film, sorry).

1 – Steview Churchill
2 – Dennis Enarson
3 – Sean Ricany
Best Trick:
Dan Lacey – 360-to-over ice down the rail