Ocean City Dew Tour – Park Finals – Results, Photos, and Andy Buckworth’s Winning Run

This was one of those events where I truly thought any of the people in the finals could win it. It was also one of those events where nine of the ten riders pulled their first “safe” run, and so you knew it was on. Nyquist’s first run was the highest of the day until it was one-upp’d by himself, adding a crazy 450 transfer. And his teammate Dennis Enarson was in second with what I considered to be the most entertaining and well-rounded run of the day. But it was the number one qualifier, Andy Buckworth, who pulled it together after a slip in his second run, to take the win at the very end by pulling a double flip no-hander over the box and a double flip over the spine along with tons of other stuff that he’d been firing out all week long. After his run was over, Andy went for a double flair just for the hell of it and was about to give it another go when it was announced he won. Definitely a dope event and after everyone was in an uproar about X Games a couple weeks back, it was sort of nice to see some wild tricks get fired out on a “typical” park course.

Andy’s Winning Run:


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