Ocean City Dew Tour – Park Finals Gallery & Results

It’s been a long weekend, but the last event, park finals, was worth the wait. Drew Bezanon, Ryan Nyquist, Chad Kerley, Andy Buckworth, Kevin Peraza, Scotty Cranmer, Daniel Dhers, Harry Main, Pat Casey, and Daniel Sandoval battled it out in a three run, one run counts format. Scotty came out swinging, getting a 90.75 in his first run with a flip whip over the box and a massive corked 360 flip down the hip step down. Drew Bezanson topped Scotty’s run with a barspin barrel roll, boosted barspin-to-turndown airs, and ended it with a disaster-to-whip on the big wall. But, Ryan Nyquist was on point as always with 720’s over the long driveway, backflip double bars, and combo after combo on every transition in the course.

1st Place – Ryan Nyquist– 92.50
2nd Place – Drew Bezanson – 91.25
3rd Place – Scotty Cranmer – 90.75
4th Place – Andrew Buckworth – 90.50
5th Place – Daniel Sandoval – 89.50
6th Place – Daniel Dhers – 88.75
7th Place – Harry Main – 88.50
8th Place – Patrick Casey – 88.50
9th Place – Chad Kerley – 87.00
10th Place – Kevin Peraza – 84.50