Nigel Sylvester’s SOMP Long Beach Jam Gallery

Come on in and check out 55 photos from one of the best Jams I’ve been to in a long while… I expected a lot of people to show up, but literally hundreds of riders made it out for Nigel Sylvester’s Standing On My Pedals Jam at the McBride Park in Long Beach, California. The park was absolute havoc all day long to ride but people somehow managed to keep from slamming into one another (for the most part). Sandwiches for the kids, free Gatorade, and free copies of  Ride for everyone, the whole event was a treat for the massive BMX scene in Long Beach. Cheers to Nigel for coming across the country to throw a cool, down to earth event, and to ASK Long Beach for continuing to build parks in LBC that are down for BMX.

And, of course, cheers to all the sponsors: G-Shock, Gatorade, Beats By Dre, Animal, Dan’s Comp, LTD+, and Nike.

Oh, there’s a ton of “UFO’s” in the gallery. If you recognize someone, leave a comment and I’ll add in names. My memory is shot after a long day of shooting a thousand photos. Sorry!