Five Days in Fresno with the MARKIT Crew

Fresno local Chad Osburn invited the Ride staff out to the annual Mosqueda Pro/Am contest in Fresno, California a few months back. Considering the hefty list of names that was on the list and the insane nature of the skatepark, I was more than down to make the 5 hour cruise to Fresno in the middle of July. Among the names on the expected turnout list happened to be Dennis Enarson and the MARKIT crew. I hit up Dennis in hopes to just follow them around the Fresno area and to my surprise, he told me to hop in the rig, and that was that. We all met at the S&M warehouse, hopped into the MARKIT rig, and hit the I5 towards Fresno.

A native of the Midwest, I’ve come to truly appreciate the cool nature of California’s West Coast. I’m used to heat, but not the heat the Fresno had in store for us–105 was the average high the time we were there, and I felt like I was cooking my brain the entire time. It didn’t matter that it was dry heat–even leaving the hotel rooms during the day time to run to the corner store or Starbucks was a feat in itself and guaranteed you to be begging for the air conditioning that was awaiting you at the end of your errand. This meant that we didn’t start days until the sun was going down and sessions lasted well into the night–definitely an interesting time frame to be on.

We didn’t escape the daytime heat for the entire trip however–the Mosqueda Pro/Am was one of the main purposes of the trip and we all fought through the heat to watch some crazy riding go down from the locals. A good park breeds good riders and Fresno’s got plenty of them. The kids were all extremely stoked to kick it with the MARKIT crew, and there’s no doubt that some of them were pushing themselves extra hard in front of some of their favorite riders.

Outside of the contest at the concrete park, the other goals of the trip were to get some clips for an upcoming MARKIT skatepark mix and get some clips for the DVD. The Fresno park was practically built for tranny monsters like Geoff Slattery and Ronnie Napolitan, and both were able to clip up at the concrete monstrosity. Geoff even found a wild drop in to curved wallride setup the night we explored the Fresno streets, and we got to experience some of Fresno’s finest zombies walking around the streets at night.

This story wouldn’t be complete without some sort of mention of the awesome locals–they were all awesome and kicked it with the crew for most of the trip. From hooking Dennis up with a deal on the hotel to getting permission for us to film late into the night and much more, I have to give a huge thanks to all of the fine people in Fresno that provided for a good time. If you’re ever in the area, smile and be friendly–you’re sure to be shown a good time back.

Take a look at the large gallery below from the trip to get a little bit more in depth about the crew and what we experienced. Big thanks to Dennis and the Fresno locals for providing for a good time for the quick trip!