Looking Forward to 2013

2012 is a wrap. The world didn’t end and we’re all resuming life as normal. On the BMX side of things, we had a good 2012 and 2013 is looking to be even better–here are ten things to hope for and look forward to in the new year.

1. The Deadline crew finishes their DVD.

If you’re following the Deadline members on any sort of social media, you know that Tony Ennis is currently in the middle of finishing the epic, four plus years in the making DVD. And though it’s always rumored as being close to finished, it looks like it’s finally going to see the light of day in the new year. Garrett Reynolds’ section is obviously highly anticipated, and it goes without saying that Ty Morrow, JJ Palmere, Steve-O Croteau, Augie Simoncini, Colin and Kyle won’t disappoint. Expect street riding to progress a few steps after this one hits.