Name: Jeff Klugiewicz
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sponsors: Mankind, Profile Racing, ODI, etnies, The Level Below

“I like to smile.” Photo: Brady

Frame: Mankind Forward 3.0
Fork: Mankind Forward 2.0
Headset: Mankind
Stem: Profile Mark Mulville (Jeff’s signature flat black colorway)
Handlebars: Mankind Forward 2.0
Grips: ODI O Grips
Tires: Maxxis Rizer
Rear Wheel: Sun Prototype freecoaster, Sun Ringle Rim
Front Wheel: Profile Mini (Jeff’s signature flat black colorway)
Cranks: Profile, 165mm (Jeff’s signature flat black colorway)
Pedals: Animal BPE
Chain: Shadow Interlock
Sprocket: Profile Spline Drive, 25t
Seat: Native/The Level Below Edition
Post: Animal
Clamp: 6mm bolt
Pegs: Animal Light

How long has the freecoaster been on your bike for, Jeff?
Four months. Actually, maybe three months. It’s been on since I played that game of bike with Josh [Eilken], I had it on my bike for a week in that one.

Is it staying on the bike?
Yeah, at this point I’d say so.

How long have you been on Profile for?
[Pause] Man, it’s been like…well, three years since I got on the pro team.

What’s the 6mm Profile stuff you were talking to me about earlier?
The stem bolts and crank arm bolts are newer…they’re 6mm instead of 1/4″. And, inside the pegs, there’s the new 17mm/8mm Profile bolts.