Jason Enns Bike Check

Jason Enns is a living legend in BMX and has the longevity that few street riders have been able to maintain midway through his 30s. His signature Volume Destroyer setup is a nod to classic frame styling with modern improvements, and is Jason’s choice of ride when doing backwards predator grinds or any sort of other moves. Check out his Volume and Demolition setup below.

Frame: Volume Destroyer, 21″
Fork: Volume Black Mamba
Headset: Demolition
Stem: Demolition Keystone
Handlebars: Volume Alpha
Grips: Volume Enns
Tires: Demolition Momentum
Rear Wheel: Demolition Hub, Demolition Zero Rim
Front Wheel: Demolition Phantom Hub, Demolition Zero Rim
Cranks: Demolition Revolt
Pedals: Demolition PC
Chain: KMC 410
Sprocket: Demolition F1
Seat: Demoltion Signature Series
Post: Volume Pivotal
Clamp: Integrated
Pegs: Demolition Plastic