Jared Washington Bike Check

Name: Jared Washington
Age: 27
Height: 5″11
Weight: 180
Sponsors: Animal Bikes, Federal Bikes, Almond Footwear

Photos: Jeff Zielinski

How has the East Coast summer been treating you? What have you been getting into the past few months?
It’s been great, East Coast summers are my favorite time of year. I’ve had a lot of free time so I try to just ride as much as possible; lately I’ve been having fun riding the cement bowl by my house, just carving as fast as I can and trying to air as high as I can, and going to the beach as much as I can. I like to get out and surf as much as possible in the summer.

How long have you had a signature frame for Federal for? Can you tell us a little bit about what your frame is all about?
I think it’s going on 3 years now that I’ve had it, and I’m still so psyched on it. I just tried to keep it really simple but as clean as possible. Like the nice short back end; it’s just my favorite bike I’ve had, I’m really thankful for it.

Similarly, you have a signature pair of bars available from Animal, the Presidential bars. How are they different from the rest of the bars in the Animal line, and what were you looking to make happen when you designed them?
They are the biggest bars Animal makes. They’re 8.5″ high, nothing too crazy but just exactly how I’d want a bar. Perfect sweep and height for me, I think they feel great.

I remember a while back seeing a shot of some stem on your bike that was labeled as a “Jared Washington prototype.” What ever happened to that thing, and what stem are you riding now?
There were about 3 or 4 prototypes made; I have one on my other bike at home. When it came down to it, it would cost too much to make, which would mean it would cost a lot to buy. And no one wants to spend that much when they don’t have to, haha. Now I’m riding an Animal MR top load stem that I had polished. I think it looks amazing personally, haha.

Prototype of an Animal stem that Jared had run in the past but would be too expensive to feasibly produce.

Your bike has a pretty dope color scheme going on throughout–how did you decide on it, and what kind of look were you trying to go for upon building it?
I picked the brown color from a Porsche color that is available but went with a matte finish. I had some parts polished to be a little different and just thought the black wheels looked best with the brown frame.

As long as I can remember, you’ve run two pegs, brakeless. What’s attracted you to this type of setup?
This is the the way my bike has been set up since I was 13 for the most part. I think it because of the Gonz, he was one of my favorite street riders and it just doesn’t feel like my bike unless it’s setup that way.

I’m sure you’ve tried out three or four peg setups before. What did or didn’t you like about them?
I love grinding, it’s my favorite thing to do obviously, but it just feels like I’m on someone else’s bike when there’s 4 pegs on. If anything I’ll ride two switch pegs but the four feels too weird for me. I rode three for a while and I like it. So I throw it on once and a while.

What are you particular about on your bikes? Does everything have to be a certain way, or do you sort of just ride it as it is?
If you know me, you know my bike is usually in really bad condition, haha. But lately a must is having good straight wheels, it makes such a big difference to me.

Modifications are less and less necessary on bikes these days–fewer guys are trimming their bars and much of the excess on parts of the past is gone. What, if any do you do?
I’ve had some parts polished by a friend, and i actually cut my bars down like an inch haha. I know they’re my signature bars blah blah but after years of riding wider bars i realized my Barspins are much better with the bars a little narrower.

Steel or plastic pedals, and why?
Plastic pedals, because I don’t think my shins can take any more scarring.

Steel or plastic pegs, and why?
Aluminum actually, I run butcher pegs with out the sleeves. Slide great and light.

What type of PSI do you run in your tires? How do you feel this changes the way the bike feels?
On ramps I put more because riding ramps with low PSI feels like shit, but I run less on street; easier on the wrists and feels better.

You’ve been a member of the Federal and Animal teams for a long time. What has it been like to keep a relationship with not only one, but two companies for that amount of time?
It’s pretty great, I’ve been on both teams since I was like 19. It’s crazy how time flies. Im a pretty easy person to deal with, I can probably be a pain in the ass sometimes, haha, but we all have a great thing going on and I’m still just as psyched on Federal and Animal as I was when I first got on.

How did you end up getting interviewed by The Source?
I have a friend who has a friend there and they were talking about how BMX and hip hop cultures are really similar and connected so they asked me to come in and it was mad cool. Everyone over there was nice, I didn’t know I would be doing a video interview in front of a lot of people so I was a little put on the spot and nervous, haha.

You’re known for your sense of humor and pranks/practical jokes…can you tell us a good story about a recent one you played on someone?
Haha, I think I’ve grown out of the practical jokes like in the past, we pissed off a lot of big name pros when I was a teenager, haha. We got a bunch of phone numbers and you’d be surprised how many riders had their voicemail password “4130.”

Best/worst reactions to a practical joke/prank?
Best reaction was from Jamie Bestwick, I saw him at Woodward last year and he remembered how I changed his voice mail ten years ago. He thought it was funny and we had a laugh, haha. Worst/funniest reaction was from Kevin Robinson when I was 17, he got in my face and tried to intimidate me haha. We were assholes, haha, we had too many good ones. Coleman, Snowden, Rob-O, Kagy, Mirra, etc…sorry guys.

What do you have planned for the rest of the summer?
Just ride as much as I can, film as much as possible. I just want to learn new stuff, have fun, relax and enjoy life and the great weather.

Any last words, thanks, or shout outs?
Shout out the Ralph Sinisi at Animal Bikes for being one of the best dudes in BMX, and to everyone at Federal for having my back for so long! And Almond Footwear for keeping me fresh, and I’m designing a new shoe with them now too! And thanks Ride.

Frame: Federal Washington 20.75″
Fork: Federal
Headset: Animal
Stem: animal MR top load polished
Handlebars: Animal Presidential
Grips: Animal Edwin
Tires: Animal Tom whitewall 2.20 and Animal glh Kevlar 2.25
Hubs: Animal Javelin hubs, 9t, front polished
Rims: Animal Rs
Cranks:Animal Akimbo cranks, chrome prototypes
Pedals: Animal Hamilton plastic
Sprocket: Animal V3 prototype polished
Chain: CULT half link
Pegs: Animal Butcher polished
Seat: Federal fat seat
Post: Animal polished