Introducing IMPAKT Sidehacks – An Interview With Greyboy & Truly Odd About The Unorthodox New Company

*Click on page two of this article to see a complete bike check of Greyboy and Truly Odd’s custom sidehack built from a Sunday Second Wave frame.

*Click on page three of this article to get some background info on Greyboy and Truly Odd and their sidehack riding by reading the interview we did with them in Ride BMX issue 155.

Interview and photos by Fat.

In issue 155 of our magazine we did an interview with two well-known DJs that have an unusual love for sidehack riding. Well now the two have teamed up with a few other partners and have started a whole sidehack company. Since the bikes will be available through Walmart on December 8th we hit them up for some scoop on the company, some photos of them shredding the bikes, and for an in depth look at their custom hack with a complete bike check. Read on…

Through the power of Twitter I recently noticed a feed for IMPAKT sidehacks. I clicked on the link and then saw that IMPAKT actually had a Web site up where they were advertising complete sidehacks for sale. I wanted to get to the bottom of the company, and low and behold, Greyboy and Truly Odd were at the helm of it. So I hit them up to learn more about the rather unorthodox new BMX company. After getting some answers from Greyboy I decided to meet up with them for a little photo shoot to get some images to go along with the interview. That’s where I really began to understand what these guys and their company is all about.


If you think the monkey “just sits there,” then think again… Truly Odd helping get a good push start.

In issue 155 of Ride we did an interview with you guys about your love for sidehacks. How did that passion for hacks turn into wanting to get them out to the masses?
We actually started by wanting to sell them U.S. made, and in small batches. But after shooting the Fantasy Factory episode, Rob Dyrdek asked us if we would be interested in possibly having them mass-produced and sold at Walmart. Initially we were skeptical, but after really thinking about it, we realized that if we wanted to get this sidehack thing going, we needed to make them affordable and widely available. And Walmart is both of those things. Were hoping that people will see that the IMPAKT “Standard” is a solid, entry-level sidehack that almost anybody can afford.

Explain the two lines of sidehacks IMPAKT will have.
The IMPAKT “Standard”, mass-produced in china, will retail at Walmart for $259.00 complete. Then the IMPAKT “Elite”, which incorporates the Sunday 2nd wave frame, super dialed sidecar design, full 4130, and is fabricated in the U.S. will retail in the $8-900.00 range for just the bare frame and sidecar.


This is the “Standard” model complete hack that will be available in select Walmart stores and through the Walmart Web site on December 8th.

Who all is involved with the company?
Me, Truly Odd, Rob Dyrdek [pro skateboarder], and Jeremy Larner [Dyrdek’s manager and partner] are all equal partners in IMPAKT Sidehacks.

How did you guys convince an investor that a company like this would work?
We didn’t have to convince an investor because our deal with Walmart is via Hyper Bicycles. We gave them our prototype design, then they take care of everything that has to deal with the overseas manufacturing. We take care of the Web site and all its content-that’s about it.


Popping a fakie off a tall vert quarter at Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

How much abuse can the bikes really take? Are they more for shits and giggles around the neighborhood? Or can you really put them to the test on a track and at a skatepark?
The sample that we got from China looked great-we were totally impressed. I mean, for $259.00 complete, it’s a really good deal. You might tweak the wheels trying to jump over trashcans to flat, but otherwise, it’s a nice hack for racing, or riding at the skatepark too.


The pilot and monkey testing their height by launching into a foam pit.

Any plans to have a team of sorts or riders to represent the brand?
We are talking about putting a team together-more of an honorary type thing at this point as we don’t have any money to pay anyone, but we have a lot of real cool people in the BMX industry that are supportive of what were doing so were are going to start with some of them. Jim Bauer and Francis Delapena from Odyssey for instance…one of our first additions to the team. And I’m pretty sure Keith Mulligan and Fuzzy Hall are down too-they were killing it at the Fantasy Factory shoot.

The higher end sidehacks will have Sunday frames; why did you pick them to work with on this?
The Elite model sidehack with Sunday frame comes un-built only, but we suggest that you use Odyssey parts like we do because we dig their product and use it ourselves. It works without fail every time.


The Caruthers park in Bellflower, California has seen lots of sidehack action over the past few years… Third wheel off the ground, full hack grind around the bowled corner with plenty of speed.

What kind of questions do you get from locals when you show up to a park with the sidehack?
We were out at the Eldorado park in Long Beach yesterday and there was a bunch of young BMX heads there. They were all super stoked on sidehacks-most of them saw it on Fantasy Factory so they were somewhat familiar. That’s the usual reaction though…almost everyone seems to dig them, even just regular people that want to put there groceries in the sidecar or whatever. We always get a positive response… Except from skaters. They pretty much HATE us. No surprise there…


Jumping the Elite model over the Standard model while the So Cal sun sets behind them.

Do you think having the sidehacks on MTV’s Fantasy Factory will help them gain popularity?
We are really hoping that the Fantasy Factory episode will show more people just what sidehacks are and how fun they can be to ride. That way when they see it in the bike shop or at Walmart they might put their money down on one…we shall see. The word “sidehack” was the #1 Google trending topic after our episode premiered, so let’s hope that’s a good indication.


I’m pretty sure some kind of BMX history was made here with this first-ever launch up to feeble hack grind with a one-handed monkey.

Anything else you want to add?
Lastly, we just want to thank the some people who have helped us get to this point, we definitely could not have done it without them: Eric Anthony, Ben Ward, Jim Bauer, Rich Hirsch, Nuno Oliviera, Harrison Boyce, Rob Dyrdek, Jeremy Larner, Greg Tracy, Albert Ocampo, John Dooley, Francis Delapena, Keith Mulligan, Fuzzy Hall, Steve Brothers, and Rick Wwomey (the godfather of BMX sidehacks).

Here’s a quick video Greyboy and Truly Odd made of them riding a launch to grind box in front of Greyboy’s house…

This is an older little promo they put together earlier this year…

And here’s an edit they put together last year bombing a hill on the sidehack…