Since 1985, the ABA (American Bicycle Association) has inducted industry icons and pioneers, legendary racers, a handful of freestylers, and other important figures throughout BMX’s history into their Hall of Fame.

A few years ago the collection of memorabilia and inductee plaques were moved from the ABA’s headquarters to Southern California. The National BMX Hall of Fame is now located at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. The actual Hall of Fame isn’t much more than one room and a hallway, but it is packed with tons of important and really cool pieces of BMX history—definitely an old-school collector’s type of place. With a huge selection of vintage and new-school items, the HOF houses everything from jerseys and helmets, to magazines, ‘zines, patches, and stickers, as well as complete bikes, frames, parts, illustrations, and much more. Check out this gallery to see what’s inside, and if you’re ever near Chula Vista, take a trip over to see it for yourself. The next BMX Hall of Fame ceremony inductions will take place the weekend of June 15-17, 2012, coinciding with the U.S. Olympic Trials.

To learn more about the National BMX Hall of Fame on the USABMX/ABA site, click here. Or see their Facebook page here.

Scroll down past the gallery to see a list of all of the Hall of Fame inductees by year.

All photos by Keith Mulligan

“Each year, the American Bicycle Association inducts two legendary BMX racers, one legendary Freestyle rider, along with one influential Industry person into the National BMX Hall of Fame. Nominations are accepted from the public, the final list of nominees is determined by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, and the BMX Hall of Fame inductees, industry, media and a select few history experts cast their votes on the ballot to determine each year’s class.” —ABA

From 1985 to the present, here are the legends who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame:

Dave Clinton
Linn Kastan
John George

Skip Hess
Harry Leary
Stu Thomsen

Bob Haro
Bobby Encinas
Brent Patterson
Gary Ellis Sr.

Bob Osborn
Brian Patterson
Eric Rupe

Jim Melton
Cheri Elliott
Eddy King

Scot Breithaupt
Jeff Bottema
Greg Hill

Perry Kramer
Tommy Brackens
Chuck Robinson

Vance Patterson
Kyle Fleming
Mike Miranda

Rich Long & Gary Turner
Charlie Litsky
Tinker Juarez

Mike Devitt
Toby Henderson
Richie Anderson

Gene Roden
Bob Hadley
Jeff Kosmala
Pete Kelley

Ernie Alexander
Kevin Jackson
Byron Friday

Pete Loncarevich
Scott Clark
Merle Menenga
Ralph Mundia

Anthony Sewell
Gary Ellis Jr.
Gary Littlejohn
Gerritt Does

Mike King
Turnell Henry
Gary Cook

Ronnie Anderson
Thom Lund
Chuck Hooper

Cindy Davis
Jeff Ruminer
Bob & Kay Wright

Robby Rupe
Travis Chipres
Chris Moeller

Darrell Young
Denny Davidow
Richard Hutchins

Cecil Johns
Kevin McNeal
Jeff Utterback
Craig Kundig

Greg Esser
Yvonne Shoup
Clint Miller

Matt Raymer
John Crews
Rick Twomey
Cash Matthews

Greg Grubbs
Dennis Dain
Elaine Holt

Marvin Church
Jon & Chuck Raudman
Brian Lopes

Jeremy McGrath
Danny Oakley
D.D. Leone
R.L. Osborn & Mike Buff
Eddie Fiola
Troy Lee

Tim Judge
Steve Veltman
Craig “gOrk” Barrette
Woody Itson
Linda Dorsey
Al Fritz

Donny Atherton
John Purse
Mike Dominguez
Russ Okawa

National BMX Hall of Fame:
U.S. Olympic Training Center Chula Vista
2800 Olympic Parkway
Chula Vista, CA 91915-6000
Phone: (619) 656-1500
Fax: (619) 482-6200