Gif(t) Images: Series Four

Hey! Welcome to the fourth edition of Gif(t) Images. To simply repeat the premise: this is where I’ll be giving you the gift of several GIF sequences that I’ve shot in recent history. You get the pun, right? Giving you a GIF image as a gift. Or something. Let’s just explain the concept here… It’s quite obvious that the advent of digital cameras and the rapid technical progression of BMX has left photographers shooting more sequences than ever. Sometimes those sequences are just that: a sequence of images meant to be laid next to one another. These days, though, most people try to shoot what some of you may know as a “seamless sequence” or “morph sequence.” That’s basically what you see directly below: several Garrett Reynolds’ in one image, using the “peak action” to correctly show what went down. Much like everything in life, this is done in Photoshop. But, there’s often a lot of frames that get left out of the final image. And there in lies the idea behind Gif(t) Images…

Fair warning: some of the GIF’s are fairly large, so they’ve been broken into separate pages. Wait for them to load properly and every photo is available larger if you wanna click it.

Dean Dickinson & Ryan Fudger — Over/under fullpipe loop gone awry
This is what happens when I agree to do something after I’ve been drinking. Dean approached me late one night about doing an over/under full pipe loop. The following day we’re on our way out to Orange County to get it done. It was a bit of a shit show as we figured out the timing and even after that was solid, Dean still had the daunting task of actually looping the pipe. To be honest, I didn’t really have a good feeling about it as Dean continually backed out of the loop at the last second each run. His line wasn’t the one that I would’ve taken, but he’s the one that has actually looped a pipe before and seemed confident that it was the best way to get it done. After countless runs, Dean’s desire to pull it outweighed his self-preservation and he sent it to the results above. Thankfully that moto helmet and leather jacket took most of the beating and Dean walked away defeated, but okay. And then, despite our persistent refusal, he bought us pizza for “wasting our time.” One of the most legit dudes ever. Button push courtesy of the greatest man of all time, John Rye.

Dean Dickinson and Ryan Fudger