Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 Ride the Plank Photo Gallery

This past weekend saw something really cool happen in Austin, Texas–the Ride the Plank ramps, put together by Project Loop at the Fun Fun Fun Music Festival. Put together by the likes of Ryan Corrigan, “Burly” Matt Gibeaut, Clint Reynolds, and more out of the remnants of the Texas Toast 2012 ramps, “Ride the Plank” was no ordinary music festival setup, an environment in which BMX is often treated as a bit of a sideshow act. This was a full on skatepark that saw a ton of fun sessions and a lot of awesome riding from guys and gals that wanted to get out there and ride a really good setup. Oh yeah, did we mention that ramp was painted and decorated in a boat/pirate theme the whole time, with local Austin artist/T1 art director Michael Sieben handling the art? Too rad. Project Loop is doing good things to make a positive impact on BMX and getting a younger generation of riders off to an awesome start in BMX, and events like this are just the start of what’s sure to be a long partnership with the local Austin BMX scene. Running out of the OTX Design office, local Odyssey and Sunday employees and riders can’t be thanked enough also for their support and hard work to keep the ship afloat the whole weekend. Check out some photos below and some video highlights in the future, and be sure to check out all the people who came to gather to make BMX look good last weekend during Fun Fun Fun Fest.