Cult recently added a clean looking retail space to their Clubhouse. The new store front provides a cool and welcoming spot for riders to stop by and scope out the entire line of Cult goods, as well as products from other bands that Cult is down with, while also getting a chance to meet some of the people at the brand, and possibly run into a team rider. Cult’s Robbie Morales gave us the full scoop on the shop…

What sparked the idea to do the shop in the first place?
We were getting a lot of walk in traffic and realized riders needed a place in Santa Ana to pick up gear. Being able to provide a cool spot located at Cult where riders can come and shop, work on their bikes, and get a full Cult experience made the decision easier.

How does selling direct affect other local shops that sell Cult?
I checked with our main local dealers and it actually helped. We are selling at retail so we are not undercutting anyone on pricing, it’s more legit than backdooring product. Our friends at Epic, Revolt, Neighborhood, Fullerton, and OSS are all far away and supported the move to open the Clubhouse. We respect the work they all have done to keep BMX cool, we are just adding to it.

It looks like Vans is a big supporter of the shop…
Definitely, another huge reason was to create a retail spot for our collab products like the Vans X Cult grips, combined with the release of the Vans X Cult tire and collab shoes we have about to drop. Now we can show the BMX community supporting brands that support them with cool product.

The layout and styling of the shop is on point with the rustic/industrial look of the wood textures, toolboxes, and so on. How did that aesthetic develop?
Jon Strattan, our Vans sales rep was instrumental with the shop design. We are really happy with the look and feel of the Clubhouse. It’s inviting and the vibe is casual. There usually is a pro rider chilling there, new mags, tools, videos—overall, just a cool place to check out.

Other than Cult, what brands do you sell?
Vans, Stance, Primo, Lotek, Stranger, Federal, Animal, Markit, Black Dadd, Loser Machine, Dark Seas and more—these are all brands we are friends with and we believe in.

The amount of product featured reminds me more of a well-curated boutique, was it a goal to keep it from getting too cluttered?Definitely, we wanted to keep it clean and simple.

If space weren’t an issue would you carry more stuff?
We definitely want to expand the brands, we will be adding more soon, stay tuned…

How has the traffic been?
Good, we have riders coming through daily and the word is spreading. We have an instagram account @cultclubhouse and a site to keep up with the new stuff and happenings… 

What do you think the benefits of the shop are for the local riders?
It gives the local riders a spot to come and pick up the latest products they need to keep their bikes dialed, grab some dope shoes and softgoods, and hang at a chill spot before going out to shred.

And on the ground level, are you doing anything locally for the scene with the shop?
Yes, we are starting a small team. Right now Kordel Caro, Andy Garcia and Chase Styles are on with more soon… Plenty of jams and events will be going on—like our grand opening/Small Talk premier—psyched on everyone who came out and made that day awesome.

What is the address and hours?
The Cult Clubhouse, 1559 East St. Gertrude Pl. Santa Ana CA 92705. Open seven days a week now, Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm. Call 714-435-2858 for more info. Hope to see ya soon…